Anjelique Leslie-Rivas

I am a 22 year old woman of color who is officially starting a vegan business called GardenBites! I have been immersing myself into the plant based/vegan journey for quite some time, and I thought to myself "I know this is good for me, and many other aspects of life, but how can I share this with others?" From there I branched to doing local pop up events, talking with people about sustainability, composting, and vegan meal prep ideas that my community would love! 

Here at GardenBites we want you to experience delicious, affordable, and nutritious vegan cuisine, but we also want you to know about sustainability and giving back to the community. That’s why when preparing our food, all of the canned goods and etc.. are recycled, and the food scraps that are not used, are placed into a homemade compost that feed nutrients to new plants, and meals that are ordered provide a 1 for 1 service to those in need.