Are you throwing a party or get together soon and don't feel like cooking, or simply afraid to burn down your kitchen? No need to worry, GardenBites has you covered. Whether you need food for 5 or 100+ people, we can make dishes customized to your liking and/or theme of event.

We only ask that you place these orders at least 2 weeks in advance! 


Meal Prep

How does this work?

First, the menu is seasonal. There are options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are two menus for the year, to include changes in produce during the spring/summer and fall/winter.

(For each meal-prep that is placed, one meal is donated to a person in need across the Las Vegas valley.)

How to order?

Every order is to be placed on SATURDAYS, and will be delivered fresh and ready the following MONDAY/TUESDAY at time and location of choice